Off California’s southern coast

A mess of which not to boast

One hundred thousand plus gallons of oil

Putting nature through extreme toil.

Some effects stare you right in the face.

Birds cannot keep up their migratory pace

Flying forty-five days for a month long trip

More easily caught by…

To abide or not to abide

The question begotten by my pride

Frustrations pile up, I’ve had enough

Worn down is my spirit, no longer tough

An ugly, painful truth I have to concede

With too many goals I do not succeed.

I cannot get a customer to sign


You may have asked

Has the time passed?

For news and rhyme

Done at the same time?

The answer is nay-

I say to you hey!

Get ready for

Not a bore-

Humor and fact

Joined in tact.

AOC and her “Tax the Rich” dress

Made the elite sweat, a…

From land of poppy

From imperial graveyard

From nation building

After presidents, four

After years, twenty

After dollars, billions

Proud eagle flees

Many wishes unfulfilled

Many feathers plucked

Many hatchlings…

The Dumbocrats and Repukelicans have rediscovered the unthinkable.


On Tuesday, the $1.2 billion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act or Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal (BID) passed the Senate by a vote of 69–30. The BID is a result of breaking up the remaining parts of President Biden’s Build Back Better Plan

Presto chango, abracadabra alakazam, evanesco!

Just like that, COVID-19 is gone, let us all rejoice!

If only it were that easy….

Well, no magic spell exists to rid ourselves of the pandemic, but there’s something else.

A mysterious elixir called a vaccine-have you heard of it, weary traveler?

If 70–85%

Does literally EVERYTHING have to be tied into our sordid culture wars? Is not anything left which won’t be soiled by its sickening touch?

For the past few days, it’s been gymnast Simone Biles. After she exited her performance on Tuesday, USA Gymnastics’ statement: “After further medical evaluation, Simone Biles…

The circle is complete-both of my writers’ clubs are now meeting in-person as of this weekend, after a meeting this past Saturday at the local library.

It was strange and liberating seeing faces I hadn’t seen in over a year. It felt like much longer, as we crowded into the…

Mid July round the bend

To news, rhymes I lend-

Combining humor and fact

Hopefully with great tact.

The toupee once again at the podium

His ramblings approach pandemonium

Plots abound to reinstate #45

So unbelievably contrived

Possibly making him lose in ‘24?

Anyway, don’t be a loser most sore!

12 score plus 5 years ago

Muskets pointed

At indulgent taxes

At lack of representation

At tyranny across the way

At redcoat invaders.

Bold words penned

Promising life, liberty

Pursuit of happiness.

12 score minus 3 years ago

With French assistance,

Independent the nation,

But not all its citizens.


Patrick McCorkle

I am a recent college graduate with a major in Political Science, History and Spanish who has a keen interest in politics.

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