Does literally EVERYTHING have to be tied into our sordid culture wars? Is not anything left which won’t be soiled by its sickening touch?

For the past few days, it’s been gymnast Simone Biles. After she exited her performance on Tuesday, USA Gymnastics’ statement: “After further medical evaluation, Simone Biles has withdrawn from the final individual all-around competition at the Tokyo Olympic games.” She elaborated a little more with TODAY reporter Hilda Kotb later that evening.

She also suffered from ‘the twisties’, a gymnast’s worst nightmare: “a mysterious phenomenon….suddenly a gymnast is no longer able to do a twisting skill…

The circle is complete-both of my writers’ clubs are now meeting in-person as of this weekend, after a meeting this past Saturday at the local library.

It was strange and liberating seeing faces I hadn’t seen in over a year. It felt like much longer, as we crowded into the historic 2nd floor and reminisced about the “pre-COVID times” aka 2019 and the foggy mists of whatever lay before.

In this particular writing club, we read our pieces out loud, then get feedback and critiques. I try to emulate the leader-who never responds defensively to any comments and simply listens.

Mid July round the bend

To news, rhymes I lend-

Combining humor and fact

Hopefully with great tact.

The toupee once again at the podium

His ramblings approach pandemonium

Plots abound to reinstate #45

So unbelievably contrived

Possibly making him lose in ‘24?

Anyway, don’t be a loser most sore!

Death Valley lives up to its name

We might be the ones to blame

Highest daily average temperature ever recorded.

Not the kind of thing you want to be awarded.

In the west, plenty of further locations scorched

Do we want the human race to get torched?

More of the…

12 score plus 5 years ago

Muskets pointed

At indulgent taxes

At lack of representation

At tyranny across the way

At redcoat invaders.

Bold words penned

Promising life, liberty

Pursuit of happiness.

12 score minus 3 years ago

With French assistance,

Independent the nation,

But not all its citizens.

12 score minus 6 years ago

Government freed itself

From failure

From civil war

From anarchy

From dependence

At the price of

3/5 a person.

9 score and 13 years ago

A veteran walked

Into the White House

Depriving government monopoly

Giving some commoners a voice

Giving others a march full…

June has come to an end

To news, rhymes I lend-

Combining humor and fact

Hopefully with great tact.

Passed away a two time Secretary of Defense

Who crafted the Iraq War on questionable pretense

Oh Rummy, your career spanned half a century

Now, it’s a known known Iraq had no nuclear weaponry.

The CCP celebrates its 100th year

President Xi gets many a cheer

He vows to stand up to everyone

Yet, hasn’t China much aggression begun?

In Miami, a condo’s collapse

News of loved ones pitiful scraps

For years warning signs were abound

By the quest of profit…

It does all of us political enthusiasts well to remember and repeat one of the discipline’s most important truths:

All politics is local.


All politics is local.

Hmmmm….I feel as if something’s missing….

All politics is ultimately local.

There it is.

Thank you, Speaker Tip O’Neill. You inspire us all, Republican and Democrat, well into the 21st century.

With that public service announcement out of the way, let me turn to local-ish politics in the Badger State and smell what Madison’s cookin’, to paraphrase possible future political aspirant The Rock.

In perhaps one of the most sexiest of topics…

Homes drowned in sobs

as 15 million lost jobs.

Before founders exhaled

20% of banks failed.

Countries ceased to trade-

People cried out for aid!

After engineer lost to patrician

The New Deal made its audition.

Not quite four score years later

A recession could’ve been greater.

9 million lost jobs

Just as loud, their sobs.

10 million homes foreclosed

Housing sector decomposed.

As yuppies watched and waited

Lehman Brothers violently faded.

Financial misdoings abound

Not one punished? Justice is sound!

After veteran lost to visionary

The stimulus auditioned, population wary.

12 years later, another ‘Great’ economic event

But this…

Well, one might say hell hath frozen over.

Democrats and Republicans, in both chambers of Congress, agree that Juneteenth should be a federal holiday. The Senate unanimously approved the bill, and the House approved it 415–14 yesterday. President Biden signed it into law today.

In case you need a primer about Juneteenth, head over to my post from last June.

I’m glad to see such unity on what shouldn’t be a partisan issue. …

Ah, the eighth of June

Sing a summer tune!

Hopefully, not like the last one…

Still, some things remain not fun…

As we all struggle in the heat

I rhyme the news, no easy feat.

500,000+ jobs added in May

Much better than April, yay!

But how much is the pay?

Probably not enough, I say.

42.1% of the U.S. Population vaccinated

Yet, we need 70–85% to be emancipated

From the scourge known as COVID-19

Come now, anti-vaxxers, don’t make a scene.

Dems and Repubs can’t agree, oh the pain!

Roads and bridges will continue under strain

We’ll guzzle fossil…

1.5 million left home

1.5 million did not return

1.5 million from 1775 until today.

Though we never met

Though we never made eye contact

Though we never shook hands

Patrick McCorkle

I am a recent college graduate with a major in Political Science, History and Spanish who has a keen interest in politics.

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