Ah, the eighth of June

Sing a summer tune!

Hopefully, not like the last one…

Still, some things remain not fun…

As we all struggle in the heat

I rhyme the news, no easy feat.

500,000+ jobs added in May

Much better than April, yay!

But how much is the pay?

Probably not enough, I say.

42.1% of the U.S. Population vaccinated

Yet, we need 70–85% to be emancipated

From the scourge known as COVID-19

Come now, anti-vaxxers, don’t make a scene.

Dems and Repubs can’t agree, oh the pain!

Roads and bridges will continue under strain

We’ll guzzle fossil…

1.5 million left home

1.5 million did not return

1.5 million from 1775 until today.

Though we never met

Though we never made eye contact

Though we never shook hands

Once upon a time, many capitalists ran around the U.S.A.

One day, they woke up and examined their businesses. They found many jobs to be done.

“Who will work for minimum wage?” the capitalists said, counting the stacks of gold, glimmering coins on their mahogany desks.

“Not I!” said the young college graduate. “I have 32k of student loans!”

“Not I!” said the single parent. “Who will watch my child? Day care isn’t cheap!”

“Not I!” said the teacher. “My main job requires a college degree-and I’m already underpaid!”

“Fine, we’ll find people who will!” the capitalists said, their personal…

Mid-May has already arrived

Of rhymes you shan’t be deprived!

Following Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates will divorce!

Rumors abound from many a source…

Cheating, strippers, tabloid crap, how great.

Though…. about Epstein…give it to us straight.

Colonial Pipeline victims of cyberattack

Hackers get $5 million, gimme a break, jack!

You really don’t want crime to pay…

But sometimes, there’s no other way.

The CDC says f — k off to wearing a mask

Dr. Gupta says they ‘mishandled’ the task

If you got the vaccine, you’re probably fine

But you don’t want it, please don’t whine.

Israel/Palestine erupts once more

The 74 year old with hair most blonde

Of social networks not really fond,

Started his own little news feed.

At least your ears won’t bleed….

Head over to Donald Trump’s desk!

About Romney and all the rest

The usual laundry list of bitching

For a Republican civil war, he’s itching!

It’s all stuff you’ve heard before

Honestly, it can be kind of a bore…

However, the fact he needs to do this

Something with social media is amiss

Per Facebook’s own oversight board

It cannot act like a medieval lord

Arbitrary, out of nowhere standards

Don’t be Tywin Lannister

I’m a big believer in free speech. Society cannot be free and prosperous without it.

Yet, social media is making me feel like some of us can’t handle it.

Most of you heard or read about basketball star LeBron James’s “You’re next” Tweet from Wednesday, April 21st, which targeted Officer Nicholas Rearden who shot and killed 16 year old Ma’Khia Bryant in Columbus, Ohio the prior afternoon.

LeBron deleted his tweet later on Wednesday, after a lot of criticism due to the shooting’s circumstances- Miss Bryant mid-swing, wielding a knife at another teenager, for instance. …

The dark-skinned woman extends her hand. A gust of wind issues from her fingertips, pushing the barn door open. Piles of straw are stacked from floor to ceiling on each side of her as she walks over to the long makeshift bar at the back.

Her friends turn to her, all sitting on stools except the one behind the bar.

“Nice of Jesus to lend us his place.” The four armed female bartender, dressed in a red sari, cleans mugs and glasses and organizes them into neat stacks faster than a dishwasher. “Where is he, anyway?”

“Walking on water, a…

“He throws it into triple coverage-amazing, Freeman has it! Touchdown, Packers!”

“Well, six interceptions in one game….can’t get much lower, er…higher than that.”

Watching Brett Favre play quarterback for the Packers was a battle of such extremes. You never knew exactly where or to whom he’d throw the ball. On almost every play I was kept on the edge of my seat. I couldn’t ask for a more entertaining QB growing up.

However, I don’t feel as excited about his political commentary, He sometimes forces his opinions…and much like his many interceptions and fumbles, they’re not always elegant.

This week…

April 6th, spring election in Badgerland

The coverage was anything but grand.

Yet, one race affected the entire state

As expected, citizens seemed to hate

Exercising their right to vote.

Democracy, Murdered She Wrote.

20% of voters turned out

Of this fact there’s little doubt.

The office? Dogcatcher, perhaps?

That insult might need to collapse….

No, no….it makes sure the kids aren’t fools

The state superintendent of public schools!

You’d think more than one in five

Would for better education strive.

Over a million impressionable youth

Now see the adults are a bit uncouth.

I’m going to suffer from apoplexy…

The end of Q1 is here

Maybe in Q2 less fear

If you’d like some info

A current events intro

This post should (kinda) suffice

Be warned-not all is nice.

Today, a million plus flew the skies

10x last year, half of ‘19…no lies!

The president’s approval holds

Yet sometimes, he’s not so bold.

Massive 2 trillion infrastructure plan

It’s not all up to snuff, c’mon man!

Who gets to deal with the border?

Kamala of course-Joe’s no hoarder.

Pfizer vaccine protects the youth

Will this make them less uncouth?

16% of Americans vaccinated

From the virus soon we’ll be…

Patrick McCorkle

I am a recent college graduate with a major in Political Science, History and Spanish who has a keen interest in politics. theprimacyofpolitics.blogspot.com

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