The Fresh Prince did not act his age

He slapped Chris Rock on the Oscar stage

And later, allowed to claim his award.

His speech teary, the audience floored!

I thought when you committed assault…

Something happened? Nope, my fault!

Fresh’s Wife said it’s a time for healing

Unknown if that’s what the Academy’s feeling…

About alopecia Chris might have joked

Getting laughs from conditions- not woke!

There’s lessons to be had, you might expect.

For quips comedians should not be decked.

At the same time, a balance must be found

To both humor and taste be bound.

If you assault a fellow human being

From the police you should be fleeing.

At the very least, do not get a prize

For reaction hateful and unwise

In front of a million sized crowd.

Go away, no need to have bowed.



Patrick McCorkle

Patrick McCorkle

I am a recent college graduate with a major in Political Science, History and Spanish who has a keen interest in politics.