A Midterm Letter to the GOP (2022)

Patrick McCorkle
2 min readNov 19, 2022

No Red Wave, rather a Red Ripple

About this the results aren’t fickle.

America hath clearly spoke

You Repubs sort of choked.

Mar-a-lago has quite the “Orange Grump”

On MAGA, Independents took a dump.

Aside from ‘Ron DeSanctimonius’

Your midterms weren’t glorious.

Please GOP, try to follow along

To figure out what went wrong.

Keep calling elections ‘fixed’

And your results shall be mixed.

Keep shoving church into state

And you won’t like your political fate.

Keep embracing Crazy Hair Don

And 2024 will be your swan song.

Lincoln’s party should return

To and for what you used to yearn.

Argue our best days are ahead

It’s Morning In America, that message spread!

Condemn racism in all its forms

To 64’s Civil Rights Act do conform.

Encourage personal accountability and responsibility

Recall ‘a thousand points of light,’ volunteerism is civility!

Focus on lower taxes and national defense

Sans the social stuff that doesn’t make sense.

Aim to spend less of our our money

Your tab is as much as the Dems’, honey!

Attract younger voters

They too are power brokers.

Above all, stop your civil war!

Recall a piece of your own lore:

A party divided against itself cannot stand.

Unite, that’s what Honest Abe commands.



Patrick McCorkle

I am a young professional with keen interests in politics, history, foreign languages and the arts.