2020 has already taken many a joy

Shopping, the movies, the summer event.

Yet it might add another to nasty hit list.

Professional sports, unfortunately, not a ploy.

Cancelled MLB games left and right- I lament!

Fall NCAA sports fate uncertain-please, desist!

The likelihood of a NFL season looking grim…

Browns’ Beckham suggesting the league unready

While preseason was cancelled-say it ain’t so, Odell!

We need something,-anything!-to make fall less dim

This nation already is quite, quite unsteady.

A lack of pigskin will send places to burning hell

For instance, how will Philly remain standing?

Or the Frozen Tundra, football’s promised land?

Having no sports is asking for a lot of troubles

I’m not trying to be overly demanding…

I’m simply urging the leagues save their brands

By learning from the NBA and NHL bubbles!

You really want to brave the 2020 election

Without some dunks, throws and hits?

I think there’s a word for that: batshit insane!

More than ever, during national infection

Sports will save and preserve our wits.

To avoid flushing all of 2020 down the drain.

Though sports are not essential, per se

Not like those workers of the front line

Distraction is a valuable service

When looking back, old and grey

I will say COVID didn’t cross the goal line

Although it did make us extremely nervous.


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Patrick McCorkle

I am a young professional with keen interests in politics, history, foreign languages and the arts.