Accept The Results!

With the midterms a month away

This poli sci guy needs to yell “HEY!”

In elections, national or local, big or small,

Something has to happen in them all

So that democracy (somewhat) functions.

Yet we’ve come to this puzzling junction

In which it’s okay to reject the results

If they don’t please our respective cults.

If winning power is what you seek

Some need their rhetoric tweaked.

Republicans love ‘personal responsibility’

Yet it seems like the GOP forgot that ability.

Election fraud sounds like election welfare

About your whining why should we care?

Democrats, democracy is part of your name!

Maybe your campaign or candidate is to blame

Rather than some kind of collusion

What’s the next “Russian delusion”?

On Tuesday, the 8th of November

You absolutely must remember

What mature people do and say

When they don’t get their way.

Ask yourself in all honesty

As you remain part of this polity

“Is it right to whine and scream

If I’m on the losing team?”

No, be a good sport.

Let not pettiness thwart

This semi-free country

Where we can talk bluntly.

Acceptance is what I seek.

It doesn’t make you meek.

If your guy loses, be graceful.

Avoid being (excessively) hateful.

Analyze your loss, trust the process

Don’t give conspiracies access.

Losing isn’t fun nor sublime

But life goes on. You might win next time.


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Patrick McCorkle

I am a young professional with keen interests in politics, history, foreign languages and the arts.