Bowser Frank Chubbs, 2011–2022

Patrick McCorkle
2 min readApr 9, 2022


10 years ago, when I studied in college

10 years ago, on a quest for self-knowledge

10 years ago, fine with one canine friend

10 years ago, unsure of adding to pet blend

At animal shelter, exciting and crowded

As pooches yelped and humans responded:

“Please, please pick me!”

“A part of our family you’ll be!’’

Your energy could not be sated.

Animated and impatient you “waited”

Scampering around your cage-room

Impossible for you to despair or gloom

Knowing your time would arrive

For somewhere in which to thrive.

My sister liked your goofy, toothy grin

Scrappy saw you as an acceptable ‘twin.’

My mother adopted you without a qualm.

Then our house became a little less calm!

Once Scrappy learned to share home

From his side you did not roam.

At dog parks you showed off audacity

Tiny legs churning with such tenacity

Pushing forward body and thicc thighs

Running alongside pets twice your size.

To greet, clothes you would frantically paw

Until the assaulted saw your wacky maw.

Treats, oh my lord, did you adore

Never an instance not wanting more.

When I laid down to restful sleep

Upon me your 20 lb frame creep’d.

One could hear your majestic snores

From upstairs through the floorboards.

10 years of being our best friend

10 years we did not want to end.

10 years of wonderful memories

10 years of absolute treasuries.

Thank you,

Bowser Frank Chubbs

The opposite of a scrub.



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