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Patrick McCorkle
1 min readNov 7, 2021

“Bad Man” Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay

Does things his unique, creative way.

A few months ago, he said he was “immunized”…

Turn’s out, he’s unvaccinated and getting stigmatized.

For putting teammates and league at risk

The retribution has been quite brisk.

Sponsorship ended with Prevea Health

Frustrating, but won’t dent his massive wealth.

State Farm might have moved on as well…

Terry Bradshaw gets a spot, more they don’t tell.

Against the Chiefs #12 won’t start tomorrow

Jordan Love will give Wisco joy or sorrow.

Some compare A-Rod to Kyrie Irving-

-Who from the Brooklyn Nets is swerving-

While Kyrie refuses to get poked

His status was never cloaked.

Rodgers went on The Pat McAfee Show

Cancel culture he blamed for his woe.

A few times he went over the top.

Quoting MLK was a huge flop….

Arguing “politics is a sham” golly…

What system is immune from folly?

Of excellent points he had a few

The central arguments were not new.

Health and medicine should be apolitical

Providers who don’t price gouge are atypical!

About vaccination some are quite mean.

The consistent truth we should glean

In a situation worthy of dramaturgy

Is “Conversation, not controversy”.

We must balance the need to protect

And the urge to constantly correct

With the privilege of personal choice.

One or many should not be robbed of voice.



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