Presidential Race Wish List

Patrick McCorkle
2 min readMay 1, 2024


It’s the end of April and we have 7 MORE MONTHS OF A PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN.

I apologize for the capitals but I’m so tired of long, drawn out political campaigns full of mud slinging, personal attacks, repetitive rallies, misinformation and lies.

I have several criteria for my dream presidential election:

1. Campaigning is limited to September, October and November. Those running for office couldn’t say anything about it until September 1st. It doesn’t matter if someone else wants to interview them about the race. Complete and utter silence.

2. During the campaign, candidates would be limited to 4–6 events and 3–4 interviews per month. At some point, we simply have too much information in the so-called Information Age. When I apply for a job, I can’t ask my future boss to watch me for a period of 1–2 years prior to decision time.

3. No more negative ads in any medium. Tell me why you’re great, not why the opposition stinks. I can’t tell my future boss in an interview why everyone else they’re interviewing stinks. The same principle should hold for the ‘highest office in the land.’

4. Debates would be considerably reformed as I’ve discussed earlier and would count as a interview. Theoretically, we might only hear from the candidates during the debates in October. Oh, how glorious that would be!

5. No whining about the results afterward. If you’re going to bring legal challenges, you’re can talk about them only in boring, legalistic PR statements.

6. The winner and loser shake hands and appear on Oprah or a similar talk show together, discussing the campaign and how it made them and their supporters feel. Then we all move on.

Of course, the list is a pipe dream, though it’s nice to pretend from time to time. Please, keep your sanity as this indigestible marathon continues.

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