Take Me Out To My New Stadium

Patrick McCorkle
1 min readSep 22, 2023


Mark was baseball mad,

Had the fever and had it bad.

He bought the Brewers in ‘04

Giving Bud Selig a nice score.

In ’23 rough was American Family Field

So to the politicians Mark appealed.

His friend Robin asked: “Would you like some money?”

Mark replied: “Yes, I’ll tell you what to do, honey.”

Mark wanted to cover all 162 games

Without knowing all the taxpayer names.

Told the public they would be wrong

If they didn’t pass their money along.

To make them come through

Mark knew what he had to do.

To cheer up the owners he knew

He sang (this song) until his face was blue.

Take me out, Milwaukee,

Take me out, Madison!

Buy me some upgrades and repairs

I don’t care how the state budget fares.

It’s fund, fund, fund my stadium

If you don’t, it’s a shame.

For it’s one, two, three subsidies, then you’re out

Of the old stadium game!



Patrick McCorkle

I am a young professional with keen interests in politics, history, foreign languages and the arts.