The Night After Christmas

Patrick McCorkle
1 min readDec 27, 2022

’Twas the night after Christmas, when throughout many a home

Creatures, including humans, were inclined to not roam.

Stockings had been plucked to the core

Gift wrappings were strewn across the floor.

The kitchen ransacked of food and drink

Family and friends gone without a wink.

Adults weren’t nestled snugly in their beds

Because images of work danced in their heads.

Whether the office, the field or the factory

Post-holiday toil is quite unsatisfactory!

As Yuletide magic faded into memory,

They attempted to prolong their reverie.

But alas, they awoke with a clatter

Grumbling about professional matters.

Crunching snow beneath their feet

Wishing desperately for some heat

Getting into a bus, car or train

Numbing themselves to the pain.

Problem upon problem piled

Some of which weren’t mild.

All began looking at the clock

Toward home, waiting to flock

The most wonderful time of year

In 24 hours had disappeared.

Frustrated and annoyed,

Confused yet employed,

Some decided to reflect

And notions got checked.

“Is Christmas but a single day?”

“Can it be a constant way?”

Gifts, meals and days off are nice

Still, they alone do not suffice.

The Christmas spirit is greater!

You must be a cultivator

Of values and attitudes

Without spouting platitudes.

The reasons of the season

Shall keep us believing

That long after the 25th of December

It is beyond worth it to remember

Kindness, generosity and charity

Should always be a familiarity.



Patrick McCorkle

I am a young professional with keen interests in politics, history, foreign languages and the arts.